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Case Study

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“Privacy. Period!” Campaign


When a high school athletic board threatened the privacy of female athletes in Florida, Pinnacle Media CEO Jenn Meale launched a multi-channel “Privacy. Period!” campaign in opposition. “Privacy. Period!” generated more than 1,304,717,611 impressions and gained 228 signatories to the “Privacy. Period!” petition in just two days. The Board called an emergency meeting and voted no to the recommendation that would have made mandatory four questions related to girls’ menstrual histories on athletic forms. Jenn conducted numerous in-person TV, phone and Zoom interviews with national media, including TIME Magazine. The campaign garnered national and international coverage via earned media efforts, including among others: MSN, NBC News, Buzzfeed, The Washington Post, The Hill, Fox News, Romper, The Associated Press, and more. 


Pinnacle Media was recognized with an Award of Distinction in Public Affairs by the Florida Public Relations Association Capital Chapter for this successful campaign.


Click on the image to watch the interview.

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